The purpose of this web site is to inform you about the activities, objectives, and history of the society, introduce you to basic information about the chrysanthemum, and connect you to sources of further information on the Internet and in print.

This web site first came on line on 17 Sept. 2010.  It was last updated 30 Jan. 2019. Questions and comments may be directed to 
The 2018 officers of the Long Island Chrysanthemum Society are:  President, Joel R. Simon;  Vice President, Richard Murcott;  Treasurer, John Capobianco;  Recording/Cor-responding Secretary, Renu Sharma;  Membership Secretary, Joan Corbisiero;  Directors Rita Rover (3 years), Bob Tobias (2 years), and Ann Jacobson (1 year).  The annual election of officers took place on 21 April 2018. 

LICS had a booth at the May 2018 SUNY Farmingdale Plant Sale and the Centerport Garden Club Plant Sale where we sold some 250 beautiful mums from California.  It was a great success thanks to the incredible hard work by our dedicated members, as well as Sharon Peterson and Jeff MacDonald et. al. in California, and the help of the Long Island Dahlia Society and the Long Island Daylily Society.

Ann Jacobson, esteemed member (and a director) of the Long Island Chrysanthemum Society, is, in addition to holding a doctorate in botany from the University of Chicago, a great photographer.  Follow the link to her chrysanthemum photos here.

Long-time chrysanthemum (and rhododendron) grower Richard Murcott has posted a page of beautiful chrysanthemum photos on his garden web site.  See them at  From there, see the rest of his fascinating site. 

LICS and NCS President Emeritus John Capobianco has made a DVD entitled "Making Chrysanthemum Bonsai."  For more information on the DVD and John's horticultural enterprises, including the sale of mum cuttings, go to   

LICS President Joel R. Simon has his own personal website.  Learn more about him and the book he is writing about Weehawken, New Jersey.

Hicks Nurseries in Westury, Long Island, hosts our annual chrysanthemum show.  Learn more about them at  Their site includes an excellent page on growing hardy garden mums. 

The Long Island Chrysanthemum Society Inc. is proud to be a chapter of the National Chrysanthemum Society, Inc.  Visit them online at  

The 56th Annual Show of the Long Island Chrysanthemum Society took place at Hicks Nurseries in Westbury NY on 16-17 October 2010.  There were over 100 entries, including disbuds, sprays, and a spectacular cascade.  Click on the sign to take a virtual tour of the show !       
Joel R. Simon

We invite you to join our "mum" society.  
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Read Richard Murcott's informative essay, 
"Growing Exhibition Chrysanthemums"

    Chrysanthemums come in thirteen bloom types and a wide variety of colors.  The flowers actually consist of masses of individual "florets."  Disc florets form the center of the bloom, and ray florets extend outward from the center.  In "incurves," the traditional "football" mums, the ray florets predominate and completely cover the disc.  "Anemones," on the other hand, have large discs and just a fringe of rays.  Come to our show and see them all. 
    Although mums bloom in the fall, you begin with rooted cuttings in the spring, and nurture them through the hot summer months.  The winter is the time to plan your garden and learn all you can about the growing process.  
    There are many written and on-line sources of information about chrysanthemums.  The first thing you should do is look at the King's Mums 2019 Catalogue online.  Another source is an excellent little book entitled Mum's the Word:  Secrets to Growing Chrysanthemums by Pat Stockett Johnston, which can be purchased from King's Mums.  The National Chrysanthemum Society has several handbooks for sale, including one for beginners (which is sent free to first-year members), and membership in LICS-NCS includes a quarterly journal, appropriately entitled The Chrysanthemum.  Many fine books have been published about chrysanthemum culture, and we refer you to the bibliography on this site.
    There are excellent online sources as well.  One of the best is Richard Murcott's essay (Dick is LICS Vice President and master mum grower).  Welsh nurseryman and master mum grower Ivor Mace (who we are honored to count as a member of LICS) and Paul Barlow have published Chrysan-themums - The Ultimate eBook.  The Wikipedia entry on chrysanthemums is quite informative, and Paul Barlow's Chrysanthemums in Aberdeen (Scotland) is another master source.  Of course, if you "Google" "chrysanthemum" you will find much more of varying quality.
Did you know that John Steinbeck wrote a short story about growing chrysanthemums?  "The Chrysanthemums" is part of his collection The Long Valley, published by Viking Press in 1938.
Stephen J. Avallone is a fantastic mum grower who resides in central New Jersey.  He is a mainstay of the New Jersey State Chrysanthemum Society.  He also is an accredited chrysanthemum judge who, with his colleagues Miriam "Mims" Willinger and Doris Zurcher, adjudicates our Long Island show.  Steve and Doris bring some their own fine blooms to our show, where they are entered in the judges' section and adjudicated by Long Island judges.  This year Steve had "Best in Show," for his PEGGY STEVENS.  He was awarded the IVOR MACE AFFILIATE SOCIETIES MEDAL in appreciation of all he does for LICS, as a judge, a master grower, and overall "great guy."  We are pleased to share the following photos:  Clockwise from top left:   PEGGY STEVENS, The Best in Show ribbon, Senkyo Kenshin (blue),Judith Baker (blue),  Derek Bircumshaw (blue), Steve accepting his medal